Apr 172010

I haven’t smoked marijuana for 2 months and I’ve passed every urine screen that I’ve had for the past month and a half. I used to smoke every day. How long would it take to pass a drug test if I were to take 4-5 hits of some mid-grade pot tonight only? Please answer if you have experience with taking urine drug screens.

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  1. From what I have read and heard, I think you just passed on those tests. I think it is around a week. But if you stay well hydrated it will leave your system faster.

  2. 3 months.
    THC stays in the body for 3 months

  3. About 30 days. I hope you don’t have too much to loose by smoking.

  4. around a month unless you get detox tea from a head shopp
    if you really want to smoke weed and have to take a drug test i suggest you go to freakys and buy power piss

  5. if you smoke often- then the thc is in your system
    you smoke not often – once a week- then the thc isnt in your system
    . also depends on your body. if your muscle or and fat then your gonna be holding the thc. but if your skinny and bony then the thc will go right through you.
    but the average person who smokes every day it will take 30 days to get out of there system. but someone who smokes once a week or something- then it will take like 3 days to get out of there system
    i wouldnt take the chance tho. if your on probabtion those 4-5 hits aren’t gonna mean much when your probation officer gives you 6 more months probation or puts you in jail.

  6. It would take about 3 weeks if you have less than 25% body fat.

  7. take niacin and drink a whole lotta water
    niacin speeds up your metabolism making the thc flush from your fat ( where its stored) faster, take two with your first meal of the day 3 at lunchh and however much you want to take at dinner
    BUT, your skin may turn red for thirty minutes so half an hour before you take the niacin take an asprin/.

  8. If you’ve been clean for a long time and you only smoke one night, it take 3-5 days for it to clear. I stopped smoking weed cold turkey after many months of smoking it every day. Three months later after being 100% clean, I got completely stoned one time and I was able to pass my pre-employment drug test a week later.

    All in all, it depends on how much you smoke, how often, and how much body fat your have (since THC stays in your system via fat tissue). How much you’ve smoked in the past can affect how long it takes as well.

    If you’re clean and only smoking once, be safe and give yourself a 10 day window to be 100% sure.

  9. if you havent smoked in a while you should be good in about a week

    just drink a lot of water and cranberry juice

  10. 28 Days Max.

    Can be as short as about 8 days though, depends on your metabolism etc.

  11. I was an everyday smoker for almost 12 months ( About 3/4 bong hits a night ) Can THC be detected in urine after 5 months of been clean…

    At the moment i have been clean for 26 days…will i pass a 15 nanogram test in 5 months time if i stay off the weed for 5 months straight and exercise daily eat healthy and drink tones of water and cranberry juice

    I weight 64kg = 140lbs and i am 5.3 high..so I’m not very heavy or very tall..i have a bit of a belly but nothing major.

    I have to give a urine sample in 4/5 months time and I’m just wondering will it test positive for THC on a 15 nanogram test after 4 or 5 months of been clean

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