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First, I’d like to say I would rather not be lectured on smoking marijuana. But anyways, i used to smoke pretty regularly(1 to 2 times daily). I have not smoked since August 14th but will be subject to a pre employment drug test in the next few days. Should i be worried?

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  1. up to 30 days

  2. Stays in your system for 30-90 days. Just drink a lot of green tea or anything with a lot of antioxidants and you should be ok.

  3. There are sooo many ways to pass a drug test it’s not even funny. First off, yes i would be worried personally, especially if you really want the job because it does stay in your system anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on your body type. Ok, now for the options you have to clean out.

    1. You can drink and drink and drink and drink lots of water
    2. Take niacin pills (but those make your body burn, not fun)
    3. You can take cranberry pills
    4. Drink cranberry juice
    5. Drink green tea and lots of it
    6. Quick and natural is a dream but it’s like $20 a bottle
    7. Drink vinager ( i don’t suggest that though)

    There are a lot of other ways too, but these are probably the easiest. I hope this helps you out. Good luck on the job!

  4. 1-4 weeks;

    its stored in fat cells so the most natural way to detox (in my opinion most effective) is plenty of water (not to much) and plenty of exercise.

    also taking moderate dosages of vitamin B3 (niacin) which make your veins close to the skin go from being barley open enough for red blood cells, to being wide enough for the plasma to move more freely (it also moves more freely because your drinking plenty of water) so it can carry the thc released by the fat cells (exercising burns fat) and eventually it all ends up in your bladder.

    this is not a quick fix the night before a drug test. this should be done days in advanced because while you are doing this your urine will have more thc than that if you didnt do it. the whole point is to pee the thc out BEFORE the drug test so there is not enough to fail during the drug test


    dont over do the water
    dont over do the niacen (your skin will turn red cause more blood is in the viens close to the skin and you’ll itch all over cause your cells will detox to fast and release a lot of histamine all at once… feals like poison ivy under your skin, so only take like 1 to 5 vitamin B3 daily suplements per day)

  5. it all depends on often you smoke. i smoked every night for a month and then stopped because i had a drug test for a job in 9 days and i passed by drinking tons of water and exersizing. I was told that on MANswers they did a study that shows vinagar will clean out your system. so i drank one shot of vinegar 2 days in a row and i passed?. idk what did it. but good luck!

  6. Actually THC metabolites that shows up in your urine can stay in your body for up to 6 months. (But in average it stays for 2-3 months.)
    Thc is stored in the fat cells in your body and gets washed out through urine and sweat.
    So often it all depends on the amount of fat on your body.

    Drink a lot of water, orange juice and work out a lot.

    This is though different from body to body. (How fast you process the thc metabolites.)

    In your hear and spine, the traces of thc can stay for years.

  7. Drug store test.
    Test yourself rather than worry! A daily smoker can take 30 – 45 days – typically to be out of urine.

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