Apr 082011

I live in California. I have been granted the right to grow medical marijuana for Arthritis. I was just curious if someone could Google an image or something showing me what a marijuana plant is supposed to look like after a month or around a month. Thanks.

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  1. It wont look like much.
    It just needs tons of love and water.

  2. http://boards.cannabis.com/outdoor-growing/161389-marijuana-plant-budding-10-weeks-pictures.html

    This site should help, I will look like a stem and a few little leafs. Kind of like a maple tree sapling.

  3. If all done correctly, you should have a 1/2 foot plant by the one month mark for Indica, and 1 full foot for sativa. (it varies depending on lights and nutrients though)

    It will look somewhat like a bush, with the top leaves and growing shoot pointing up like a funnel, then a small space between the maristem growing shoot and the underlying foliage, forming what looks like a Y-shaped plant if looked at from the side, with small growing shoots and leaves filling in the bottom part. All the top leaves should have about 5-9 blades, but the amount of leaves, growing shoots and stems varies per plant. The amount of blades per leaf will tell you the age of the plant, usually 9 or 11 is max and means the plant is mature and ready to flower

    After another month, (if you choose to continue vegatative) the shoots from the bottom grow upwards and outwards as foliage while the maristem grows upwards, making a trademark christmas-tree shaped plant with smaller tree-like branches pointing outwards, soon to be all covered in hair-like flowers once flowering starts. If you induced flowering earlier than this, this will happen anyways as the plant grows + flowering

    As long as its green and healthy with a fast growth rate, don’t worry what it looks like specifically. All the stuff I just listed is only relevant if you are crazy picky like me when it comes to growing.

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