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Hi im new to growing. I just wanted to know what kind of fertilizer or attention i need to give to my new marijuana plants when i start growing. Thanks!

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    how you think asking a question about growing illegal drugs is ok in yahoo answers i have no clue

  2. I shall help you the best I can. (Marijuana is not illegal every where and this is the internet).

    IMPORTANT INFO: “The best fertilizer for marijuana will enhance your cannabis plant significantly. Choosing the best fertilizer for marijuana is critical to a grower’s success. The best cannabis fertilizer used properly is half the success to growing marijuana.”

    “A marijuana grower must buy vegetative marijuana nutrients and flowering marijuana nutrients to achieve amazing potent cannabis. Use these cannabis fertilizer properly and you will grow potent marijuana.

    Use these marijuana nutrients not properly can ruin your marijuana plant.”

    “Marijuana plants require food called nutrients or fertilizers to grow. There are three main components your cannabis needs: nitrogen N, phosphorus P, and potassium K. They play vital role in strong root development, fast vegetative growth, flowering, bud formation and high yields.”

    The website located on my Source and here can help you farther and you can buy what you require from them as well, how convenient!

  3. Sorry Sargeant, information is not illegal. Nice try to censor.

    ***This information is provided for educational purposes only. Do not engage in marijuana cultivation in jurisdictions where it is prohibited by law or without proper legal permission to do so.***

    There are many specialized fertilizers for growing medicinal marijuana available at hydroponics stores. Some are ready to use, some you have to mix. You also have the option of organic, non-organic, power, liquid, etc, etc. Go to a store and pick one that suits you.

    All of these come in two distinct formulations. A “Grow” of “vegetative” formula used when lights on on over 12 hours a day. And a “bloom” or “flower” formula for when you have a 12 hour night cycle to force blooming.

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  7. I just use plant compost, however it is a weed and it will grow anywhere. Just toss out a hand full of seeds and say “GROW.”

  8. The main nutrients that a plant needs to grow are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Most plant fertilizers contain these elements and a good, easily available, one is called Grow More.
    If you really want to then here are the some effective ratios of the three elements to be used through the two growth stages.
    Early growth stages: 7-9-5 or 5-10-5 or 4-5-3.
    For the flowering stages use 3-10-4 or 5-20-5 or 4-30-12.
    It is best to build up the amount of fertilizer you use to what is making the plants look healthily green as too much fertilizer can kill the plant.

  9. Don’t fertilze until 4 weeks vegetative stage u want nutes high in nitrogen flowering high in phosphorus make sure it’s safe to consume usually tomato plant food for flowering look for nutes with the word bloom in it they usuall work best

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